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Disfruta de deslizarte sobre el agua sin esfuerzo. Andar en kneeboard no requiere de ningún tipo de conocimiento previo en el deporte. Subite arriba del kneeboard, arrodillate sobre los pads absorbentes, de alto impacto, ajustate los velcros y divertite con todos tus amigos.
Se aconseja utilizar un cabo de no mas de 20 metros.

One ride and the VooDoo will have you under its spell. With performance edges and a low-profile cross section, the VooDoo combines hard-charging runs at the wake with a forgiving ride. Quad molded fins at each corner provide extra tracking, and the curved underside makes edge transitions smooth and quick. The 3/4” thick pad provides plush comfort for your knees and ankles, while the 3-inch padded strap secures you for maximum control. The VooDoo is a PE roto-molded board for nearly “bulletproof” durability, great for family use. The integrated hook makes it perfect for teaching deep-water starts, too. All in all, the VooDoo is perhaps the greatest value in the kneeboard world.

• Padded adjustable strap. Aquatic Hook
• Integrated hook.
• 3/4” EVA pad.
• Variable beveled edge.
• Quad molded fins.